TSP #215 – R&S NRP Triple-Diode, NRQ6 Frequency Selective Power Sensor & NRX Power Meter Review/Exp.

In this episode Shahriar looks at the ecosystem of R&S power sensors & power meter. In particular, the NRP Triple-Diode Path Power Sensor & the unique NRQ6 Frequency Selective Power Sensor:



The R&S NRX Power Meter can be used to interface with a wide range of power sensors as well:


This review is organized as follows:
00:00 – Introductions.
00:40 – NRP40SN 3-Path Diode Power Sensor hardware overview.
01:21 – Triple-Diode sensor architecture, benefits, principle of operation.
05:59 – Experiment setup, AM modulation glitch, web interface design, power measurements, high-sampling rate, trigger setup, trace view, R&S Power Viewer windows software.
16:17 – NRQ6 Frequency Selective Power Sensor hardware overview.
17:10 – NRQ architecture, principle of operation, advantages & disadvantages, DSP functions.
21:51 – Experiment setup, multi-frequency signal generation & interference, blocker signals.
23:33 – Web GUI interface, Signal Check function, auto-set, IF BW setup, I/Q, trace view, attenuation & averaging, blocker signal impact, catching frequency hopping events, ACLR measurements, additional features.
37:19 – NRX Power Meter overview & teardown.
40:49 – Experiment setup, input VSWR & power amplifier output power measurement.
40:01 – NRX GUI, multi-sensor measurement, sensor setups & measurement features.
45:48 – Concluding remarks.


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