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TNP #18 - Repair & Analysis of a W-Band (75-110GHz) WR-10 12dBm Power Amplifier Module

11.9K views June 12, 2022 7:14 PM

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In this episode Shahriar takes a look at a non-functional W-Band (75-110GHz) power amplifier module with WR-10 waveguide ports. A quick inspection reveals a broken DC connector which can be easily repaired. Since a W-Band VNA or source is not available, the amplifier's excess noise is instead measured using an external mixer and a Keysight MXA-B. The noise power spectral density shows the the amplifier is likely functional with the expected noise and gain.​​​

TSP #208 - Tektronix 2-Series 4-Channel 2.5GS/s 500MHz MSO Review, Teardown & Experiments

19.8K views June 7, 2022 11:20 AM

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Is this episode Shahriar takes a look at the brand new 2-Series oscilloscope from Tektronix:

This review is organized as follows:

00:00 - Introductions & overview.
01:23 - Instrument interfaces, specifications & design.
04:00 - Detailed teardown, instrument architecture & PCB design.
12:46 - Input impedance considerations, 50-Ohm passthrough experiment, FFT usage.
16:56 - Triggering on infrequent events, runt & pulse detection, advanced triggering usage.
21:25 - Detection analog waveform anomalies, high-resolution mode, acquisition control.
23:26 - Bus decoding capabilities, packet table viewing, UART decoding.
25:56 - AFG functionality, measuring filter responses, arbitrary & noise generation.
32:22 - Concluding remarks.​​​

TSP #207 - Teardown & Detailed Analysis of Qualcomm's 60GHz Multi-Panel Phased Array WiGig System

32.4K views May 22, 2022 1:21 PM

1.7K 132

In this episode Shahriar takes a close look at a wireless-Ethernet product based on Qualcomm's 60GHz WiGig chipset. The episode is inspired by the upcoming in-person RFIC & IMS IEEE conferences held starting June 19th, 2022 in Denver, Colorado, USA:

IEEE Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits Symposium:

IEEE International Microwave Symposium:

The entire WiGig system architecture is analyzed end-to-end. The phased array module is presented using x-ray images and individual RFIC's are examined under microscope.​​​

TNP #17 - Teardown, Upgrade & Experiments with Sencore LC103 Rezolver Capacitor & Inductor Analyzer

9.4K views May 21, 2022 7:31 PM

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In this episode Shahriar takes a look at the very rare Sencore LC103 Rezolver Capacitor & Inductor Analyzer. The instrument receives a firmware upgrade (EPROM) as well a thorough cleaning. A brief teardown and main blocks of the unit are also presented. The basic functions of the instrument are verified and checked against the Keysight E4980A. The power supply and leakage capability of the instrument are also verified.​​​

TSP #206 - Keithley 2281S Precision Power Supply & Battery Simulator Review, Teardown & Experiments

13K views May 7, 2022 12:59 PM

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In this episode Shahriar reviews the Keithley 2281S-20-6. This is a Dynamic Battery Simulator and Precision DC Bench Power Supply with TFT LCD display uses a model to emulate the response of a battery over its discharge cycle. Since the model can be based on the average current of the product that the battery will power, you can estimate battery life and analyze product performance over the life of the battery:

The review is organized as follows:

00:00 - Introduction.
00:35 - Instrument overview, interface, GUI, functions & design.
04:08 - Teardown, architecture, components and build quality.
10:03 - Precision power supply benefits, short-circuit hunting.
14:56 - Time-domain capabilities, pulse measurements, graphing functions, triggering.
20:59 - Battery Test capabilities, measuring super capacitors, measuring ESR, battery discharge.
26:20 - Creating a battery model during a charge cycle, battery capacity measurements.
27:29 - Creating a discharge battery model using the Keithley 2450 SMU.
29:32 - Battery Simulator function, battery models, modifying battery limits, stress testing DUT.
36:14 - Concluding remarks.​​​

TNP #16 - Teardown, Repair & Analysis of a few mm-Wave (26GHz - 40GHz) Amplifier Modules

21.6K views April 2, 2022 8:25 PM

1.3K 92

In this episode Shahriar takes a close look at a few mm-wave amplifier modules which have failed. The amplifiers cover a few frequency ranges up to 40GHz. The measure S-Parameters reveals a serious problem with the amplifiers. The teardown of the module is presented along with microscope closeups of various devices and integrated circuits used in its construction.
A broadband amplifier is also examined with a simpler problem. A broken DC power connector is replaced which brings the unit back to life showing 18dB of gain with better than 25GHz 2dB bandwidth.​​​

TNP #15 - The Impossible Amplifier

14.9K views April 1, 2022 5:22 PM

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Could I have found the greatest amplifier on April 1st?​​​

TSP #205 - Keysight FieldFox 50GHz Handheld Microwave Analyzer / RTSA Review & Experiments

13.1K views March 25, 2022 10:32 PM

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In this episode Shahriar reviews the Keysight FieldFox Microwave Analyzer which is capable of both 2-port network analysis as well as spectrum analyzer with real-time capabilities. Keysight's FieldFox portable analyzers are equipped to handle tough working environments during routine maintenance, in-depth troubleshooting, and anything in between:

This review is organized as follows:

00:00 - Introductions.
01:22 - Instrument overview, design, interfaces, built quality.
04:38 - LCD screen, remote interface, GUI usage.
05:04 - S-Parameter personality, calibration, tuner experiment, reflection phase shifter measurements, etc.
15:35 - Power Sensor personality, PA load-pull experiment, reflection power measurements.
21:12 - Spectrum analyzer personality overview, built-in synthesizer, output spectrum quality.
24:42 - mm-Wave transmitter measurement, detecting impairments, spectrum analyzer capabilities.
29:00 - I/Q analyzer personality, RF envelope versus time capabilities.
31:33 - Real-time spectrum analyzer personality, 100% POI performance.
33:23 - PathWave VSA compatibility, mm-wave constellation demodulation example.
36:32 - Noise Figure personality, Friis equation demonstration, NF uncertainty calculator.
46:50 - Concluding remarks.​​​

TNP #14 - Teardown & Analysis of a Somewhat Dangerous LiPo-Based Mini Spot Welder

23K views March 13, 2022 8:40 PM

1.4K 97

In this episode Shahriar takes a look at the a battery-based spot welder which have become fairly popular recently. Due to being mass-produced, some poor corner-cutting schemes can render these devices dangerous. The teardown of a random unit is presented. After improving the safety of the unit, a sample weld is done. The maximum deliverable energy of the unit is also measured. ...

TSP #204 - Teardown, Tutorial & Experiments with Active/Passive Microwave Band-Pass Filters (APS104)

34.6K views March 13, 2022 12:48 PM

1.5K 70

In this episode Shahriar repairs an OPTOELECTRONICS APS-104 tunable band-pass filter. The instrument provides continuous tuning from 20MHz to 1GHz with a constant 4-MHz band pass response. Since the repair proves to be fairly easy, the video focuses on comparison between various band-pass filter architectures. This includes microwave cavity filters, PCB-based filters with varactor tuning, YIG filters and frequency-translation filters. A range of measurements highlight the differences and pros/cons of the aforementioned filters. The APS-104 unit is fully reverse engineered and characterized as well.​​​

TNP #13 - Teardown & Repair of a Keithley 2001 7.5-Digit Multimeter

19.2K views February 20, 2022 7:05 PM

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In this episode Shahriar repairs a Keithley 2001 7.5 Digit multimeter. This is a very high performance unit and worth repairing. However, the early 90's revision of these units were subject to electrolytic capacitor failure all overt the analog and digital boards. The failed capacitors destroy the nearby traces including the inner layer connections. The teardown of the unit reveals this problem. By using x-ray imaging the missing and damaged traces are identified and meticulously repaired. Several of the power supply diodes were also destroyed. The repaired unit passes all self-tests as well as measured V/I/R in both DC and AC correctly. The unit is compared with measurements reported by a Keithley DMM7510.​​​

TNP #12 - Teardown, Repair & Experiments with the Fluke 345 Digital Power Quality Clamp Meter

14.5K views February 6, 2022 6:45 PM

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In this episode Shahriar repairs a Fluke 345 Digital Power Quality Clamp Meter. The Fluke 345 is more than an electric power meter. Combining the functions of a clamp meter, oscilloscope, data logger and digital power meter into one handy device, the Fluke 345 is ideal for working with variable frequency motor drives, high efficiency lighting and other loads using switching electronics.

Although the repair ends up being fairly simple, we get some insight into some of the user interface circuitry as well as some experiments showing the capabilities of the unit.​​​