TNP #27 – Design of a Custom Control Board & Software for a Broken NordicTrack S15i Exercise Bike

In this episode Shahriar resurrects a broken NoridTrack S15i stationary exercise bike. The brain of the bike resides inside a custom Android table at the front console of the unit. The software & hardware of the bike are not publicly available and a replacement unit costs upwards of $1000.
Despite the consumer-unfriendly approach of NordicTrack, it would be a huge waste to dispose of the bike. Instead, we will design a custom hardware and software to control the bike’s resistance as well as read RPM numbers to calculate wattage and calories. Although much simpler than the original hardware, the new system is sufficient to use the bike and achieve a satisfactory exercise routine.​​​

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  1. PeterDeWwit says:

    Great fix. Where could I find the code?

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