TSP #210 – Going off-grid! BigBattery RHINO 48V, 14kWh LiFePO4 Battery Review & Experiments

In this episode Shahriar takes The Signal Path Lab off-grid! The BigBattery RHINO 48V LiFePO4, 276Ah, 14kWh is combined with a Growatt SPF 6000T inverter to provide 240V split-phase power to the house.

You can see the kit used in this video using this untracked, direct link to BigBattery.com:


The review of the battery is organized as follows:

00:00 – Introductions & considerations.
01:33 – BigBattery offerings, battery configurations, battery chemistry, specifications, warranty, etc.
05:51 – Battery construction quality, connector & fuse design, mobile cart, attachment options.
07:50 – Provided battery cable with Anderson connector, ratings, quality.
08:14 – Built-in LCD screen, GUI & BMS access from the battery, phone app & BMS configuration.
11:36 – Battery protection, BMS under small loads, BMS disconnect behavior, power reporting.
16:08 – Off-grid setup, Growatt inverter wiring & interfaces, transfer switch & AC access.
18:28 – Benefits of a boiler setup for battery backup operation.
18:59 – Ensuring correct earth-ground & neutral wiring of the backup system.
19:52 – Going off-grid! House power measurements, battery discharge behavior.
21:27 – Battery charging behavior, balancing, charging battery to maximum level, charge waveform.
22:44 – Concluding remarks.


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