TSP #201 – Rohde-Schwarz NGU401 500kS/s Source Measure Unit Review, Teardown & Experiments

In this episode Shahriar reviews the latest edition to the R&S SMU family, the NGU401.


This instrument offer four-quadrant operation, 60W total output power, 6.5 digit resolution as well as 500kS/s digitizers on both voltage and current readbacks. The instrument also offers a verity of output control and arbitrary waveform generation. This review is organized as follows:

00:00 – Introductions
00:50 – Front & back panels, interfaces, design
02:40 – Detailed teardown & architectural analysis
08:36 – Pooch!
08:45 – USB Power Bank experiment, NGU GUI design, primary capabilities
13:20 – Multi-quadrant operation, sink/source conditions
15:49 – High-speed sampling, auto-ranging and transient detection
18:29 – Deep-sleep battery drain detection of Fluke 233, graphical viewer, fast logging
22:35 – Characterizing a DC/DC converter, transient output current
27:19 – High output capacitance mode, oscillation detection
29:45 – Current/voltage priority modes
30:40 – Fast arbitrary waveform generation,
34:20 – Additional functions, OVP, OCP, OPP, Modulation Input, trigger IOs, slew control, fast transient
36:18 – Concluding remarks


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