TSP #199 – Digilent Analog Discovery Pro 3000 Series (ADP3450) Review, Teardown & Experiments

In this episode Shahriar reviews the Analog Discovery Pro 3000 Series, particular the ADP3450 model. The instrument offers a combination of mixed signal oscilloscope and dual-channel arbitrary waveform generator. The WaveForms free software can be used to perform a wide range of measurements. You can find more information about this product at:


The review is organized at follows:

00:00 – Introductions
00:35 – Instrument overview, functions, specifications and design
04:53 – Detailed teardown and architecture overview
11:17 – WaveForms software, oscilloscope capabilities, catching glitches, trigger functions
19:18 – Mixed-Signal measurements, logic analyzer, cross-domain triggering
22:19 – Serial decode, digital trigger, correlated measurements
24:03 – Waveform generation, synchronized signals, modulations, sweeps, FFT, 3D spectrogram
28:46 – Network analyzer functionality, measuring linearity and frequency response of DUT
33:42 – Impedance analyzer functionality, measuring complex impedance across frequency
36:29 – Additional capabilities, tracer, scripting, etc.
37:39 – Concluding remarks


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