Carl-Zeiss Axioskop Microscope LED Upgrade & Differential Interference Contrast Microscopy Preview

In this episode Shahriar works on a Carl-Zeiss Axioskop with Differential Interference Contrast Microscopy. The instrument has bene meticulously restored to a working condition. The scope is retrofitted with an LED illumination source. Although not idea, it does offer good brightness and uniform illumination. An ideal source would have to be a point source.

The microscope is used to examine an integrated circuit revealing the intricate BEOL of the chip. Furthermore, DIC imaging shows the non-uniformity of the internal integrated circuit metal surfaces.


  1. Larry Scott says:

    Are up for a repair of an HP3805A (1977) electronic distance meter?

    I have one that has recently failed. My guess is a failed laser diode. I can’t find service for it. It’s classic HP. A legendary instrument.

    It was very accurate. It power up but fails self test and doesn’t return measurement. It’s not dead. If you’re willing to take a deep dive. I could send a pic, but Google it.

    Curious Marc said it’s too nice instrument to let rot. And you might be a resource.

    Looking for help.

  2. petterson says:

    I came here for the first time and I am actually impressed that everything is in one place. Vannie Arne Magnus

  3. Jon K. Judson says:

    Check out the ThorLabs “MCWHL6-C4 – 6500 K, 493 mW (Typ.) Collimated LED for Zeiss Axioskop”. It is an optimized LED illuminator that “drops in” the Axioskop. Cost is a bit over $500 (without power supply, cable available for DIY), but will provide optimum illumination intensity and uniformity.

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