Texas Instrument TI-PMLK Power Management/Conversion Kit Tutorial, Review & Experiments

In this episode Shahriar presents a meticulously prepared set of educational lab kits on Power Conversion by Texas Instruments. These kits include  Buck, Boost, LDO and Buck-Boost power conversion courses complete with a beautiful set of lab instructions and PCBs. Each kit describes up to 7 different exercises which demonstrates various aspects of power conversion characterization and design challenge.

In particular the Buck Lab kit is examined. The PCB is populated with two different Buck DC-DC converters which are carefully described in the lab kit. The first experiment of the lab kit is performed which involves measuring system efficiency under various load conditions and switching frequency. The inductor current, MOSFET switching voltage and output waveform are examined on the oscilloscope.


  1. kiara says:

    So good to feel about this..Texas instrument power management kit…Thanks a lot for the blog!

  2. S Wood says:

    Thanks for reviewing the TI converter design kits. Although portions are above my head, it was never condescending and I learned a lot.
    I needed to invest in two more benchtop DMMs to do experiments with these boards, so I placed an order for those and a TI experiment lab board.
    I’ve been interested in DC converter design for a while, completing half of the UC Boulder converter design class on Cousera, but these TI kits will let me take it further. Thanks again.

  3. Eric D. says:

    Great episode!
    I’m somebody who’s done a DIY lab with a MC34063A in order to teach myself how a buck converter works.
    I found this video fascinating, and I may have to give the tutorial kit a try.
    Thank you.

    • Micro fix says:

      I pretty much feel the same way . Texas instruments goes back a long way I remember radio shack, commodore and Tandy computer. My bedroom was my electronic lab class as a kid. At 8 years old birthday I receive a 200 in 1 electronical programming project kit.

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