Teardown & Repair of a Matsusada RE-600-1.6 600V 1.6A Power Supply

In this episode Shahriar attempts the repair of a Matsusada RE-600-1.6V 1.6A power supply. This low profile power supply is intended for rack-mount application and has been likely used in a vapor deposition system before it has failed. The scent from the unit hints at capacitor failures due to thermal stress over a long period of time. The teardown of the unit reveals the low-profile construction as well as the ventilation air flow. The faulty capacitors are replaced with higher temperature rated units. Unfortunately further faults are detected and it is revealed that the main switching transistors have also failed. All part number of all ICs and control modules are either sanded off, or permanently potted. Since no schematic is available, the repair has to be temporarily put on hold.


  1. Babak says:

    Despite not being able to finish the repair, I enjoyed this video more than many others – it shows your thought process in debugging what is an essential piece of every lab. BTW, dried caps, blown fuses, and failed high-voltage mosfets are the cause cause of failure in 99% of all power supplies. By rubbing off the device numbers, and using low-temp caps, they have essentially set this supply up for failure, possibly planned obsolescence, which is absolutely horrible in an expensive piece of gear. It’s always nice to know what NOT to buy!

  2. terry sweet says:

    great video. i always feel like i learn lots of stuff watching your videos. thank you.

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