Repair of PXI-2596 (Microwave Switch), PXI-4461 (Signal Analyzer) & PXI-4071 (7.5 Digit FlexDMM)

In this episode, Shahriar repairs a few PXI module cards including a PXI-2596 Microwave Switch, a PXI-4461 Signal Analyzer and a PXI-4071 7.5 Digit FlexDMM unit. The PXI-2596 and PXI-4461 have both suffered mechanical damage to the on-board components. Some re-wiring as well as component replacement is necessary to correct the problems.

The PXI-4071 module halts the PXI system boot up entirely. The card is missing a flash memory IC and could potentially have a bad PXI bus main IC. The PXI bus IC replacement does not correct the problem. This implies a missing firmware on the flash memory IC.


  1. kokesz says:

    What version of the MITE (BGA) did you populated. Could you please post the partnumber written to that?

  2. DAVID BLANE says:

    I am entranced. your knowledge and teaching ability is astounding.

  3. tchicago says:

    In the last part you tried to repair, me memory chip you soldered in is a flash memory. It which was probably expected to have some firmware in it.

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