Free Energy & Over-unity Charging Circuit – The Scientific Method

In this episode Shahriar builds a magical charger circuit that has an efficiency of tens-of-thousands of percent! But not to worry, it is a trick and the trick is revealed in the video. The purpose of the video is to discuss the nature of the scientific method and our society’s need for free education.



    Got any of those rocks left? I’de gladly purchase one..

  2. Mazen says:

    All the respect and appreciate all the efforts you put in to educate all of us, cheers 🙂

  3. Sam Lumbergooz says:

    Since you touched the free energy topic, I suggest you try the magnetic motor published by Popular Mechanics magazine. It really works, only it is banned for know reasons…see the link and tell me ur opinion:

  4. Erick Andrews says:

    Thank you Sharir . . . I’m going to get my Grandson to watch this episode, even though he’s into biology and is 15 going on 22!

    It seems like you may have recently read Dr Jerry Coyne’s new book about faith vs. fact. I recommend it to everyone just in case they’re not sure about the scientific method. It should be included into any STEM curricula, maybe at junior high school level, but certainly before HS graduation.

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