Review & Experiments of the Signal Hound BB60C Spectrum Analyzer & TG124A Tracking Generator

In this episode Shahriar takes a close look at the Signal Hound Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer (BB60C) and Tracking Generator (USB-TG124A). In order to evaluate the performance of these units a few experiments have been setup. The performance of the Signal Hound unit is compared with the Tektronix RSA306.

A set of FHSS 900MHz long-range radios are used in the first experiment. The frequency hopping behavior, channelization, bandwidth and transmit powers are all captured using the BB60C. Furthermore, the recording capability and zero-span modes are used for frequency demodulation. The tracking generator (USB-124A) is then used to measure the performance of a band-pass microwave filter as well as a high-gain amplifier (40dB) gain. The free-space performance of the TekBox EMC Probe Set is also measured using the tracking generator.


  1. Mohan K says:

    Dr. Shahriar,

    I am a regular follower of your videos in The information or knowledge that I gaining from every video is unique and utilizing in every day activities at work and at my self learning process.

    Any plan to review Signal Hound latest release on Spectrum analyzer SM200A?

    The specification seems very interesting and will get confidence to buy once you review it. 🙂

    Thanks & Regards,

  2. George says:

    The chassis looks like a simple project box from Hammond,


  3. Alan says:

    ..i thoroughly enjoyed watching this and will probably end up buying the Signal Hound BB60C for TSCM work, thanks again.

  4. Shakeel Khalid says:

    Thank you very much indeed for nice information

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