Tektronix RSA306 USB Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer Review and Experiments

In this world exclusive episode, Shahriar takes a close look at the all new Tektronix Real-Time USB Spectrum Analyzer. The RSA306 has an RF bandwidth from 9kHz to 6.2GHz with a real-time analysis window of 40MHz. While being entirely powered form a single USB 3.0 interface, it provides a 100% Probably of Intercept for any signal event of at least 100us in duration. The RSA306 is compact, lightweight and shock resistant. At the same time Tektronix has made its Signal-Vu PC software with 17 measurement capabilities free and significantly reduced the price of other Signal-Vu advanced applications!

The SFDR, linearity, noise floor and phase noise of the instrument are all measured and presented. The unit is then used to capture and analyze an intermittent RF interference, analyze and demodulate an RF FM signal using an antenna as well as demodulation a 256-QAM signal with -65Bm of total power.


  1. John Barnes says:

    You can set the RSA306 in place with quick drying silicone


    This is also a good informative video about this Tektronix device.

  2. Siavash says:

    Hello Shahriar,

    Would you do a review on WSA5000 Wireless Signal Analyzer from think RF. It seems very promising usb based RT signal analyzer as well.

  3. Walter Robert Hopf says:

    Thanks for the great video. But I think that I typically enjoyed a traditional spectrum analyzer to work. The future lies in the well USB-based technology.

    Best Regards


  4. Contact Electricals says:

    Loved the vedio nice one , Thanks for sharing this .

  5. Milan says:

    Thanks for the review. I’m glad to see that this sort of devices are getting cheaper and perhaps soon will be also affordable for the hobbyist. Still, I find 3.5 grands quite a lot money. Would be nice to see review of Germans SPECTRAN HF-60100 V4 X.

  6. Farhang says:

    Very informative information in your site your knowledge is amazing could you show us some strip line design. thanks

  7. Chris says:

    Cheers for the video. An impressive and powerful device. I can see my company using the RSA306 for our upcoming projects http://www.ker.ie/electronics/

  8. Iman says:

    Thank you for the awesome video! I read somewhere on a specs sheet that it has a “CISPR peak” detector. Do you by any chance know if that is the same as a QuasiPeak detector? RSA306 would be excellent for portable EMC related measurements and it would be nice to have a QuasiPeak detector during measurements.

  9. Doug Malone says:

    Very informative review; thank you for taking the time to make it and sharing your knowledge.

  10. Daniel says:

    A great video, as always!
    Also, I love that you get around to making videos so frequently recently, keep up the good work!

  11. nick says:

    Shahriar, congratulations on your training videos, they are very useful and informative.
    I would like to ask a favor, if it’s possible please speak more slowly.


  12. SomeUser says:

    Video doesn’t seem to be working/visible.

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