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Keithley 2460 Source Measure Unit (SMU) Review, Teardown and Experiments

Keithley 2460

In this episode Shahriar reviews the new Keithley 2460 Source Measure Unit (SMU). The Keithley 2460 shares all the touchscreen GUI advancements of the 2450 SMU and offers up to 100W of power in full four-quadrant operation. The combination of the 2450 and 2460 SMUs from Keithley offer a wide range of applications.

After a brief teardown of the instrument, several experiments are devised to demonstrate the TSP scripting as well as KickStart software capabilities. The experiments include LED failure modes, Geiger counter setup, Op-amp based voltage regulator characterization, temperature controller, non-linear transconductance emulation and data collection application.

Teardown, Repair and Analysis of an HP 8562B 22GHz Spectrum Analyzer


In this episode Shahriar repairs an HP 8562B 22GHz spectrum analyzer. This spectrum analyzer has two input bands. The lower band which operates from 1kHz – 2.9GHz shows does not operate correctly and does not display any signal. The internal construction as well as the operation of the unit is explained along with a close look at LO distribution, input attenuator, dual-mixer and various filters.
During the debugging procedure it is also discovered that the Second Mixer is also damaged in this unit. A replacement unit was purchased however a replacement unit for the main first converter is too expensive to replace. As an alternative, a Mini-Circuit mixer is used as a replacement. The LO signal is routed to the external mixer via a microwave switch. In this configuration the LO is automatically switched to the correct mixer for each frequency band of operation. The unit is then verified for correct operation.

Teardown and Repair of a Fluke 196B Handheld ScopeMeter


In this episode Shahriar goes through the teardown and repair process of a Fluke 196B Handheld ScopeMeter. This unit, which has been purchased as a “dead” unit from eBay, is examined for faults. During the teardown, various PCB components, architecture and design is presented. The performance and functionality of the unit is verified with a few brief experiments. Finally, the schematic and block diagram of the Fluke 196B is explored for the finer details of its design and operation.

Teardown and Repair of an HP 8648C Synthesized Signal Generator


In this episode Shahriar attempts to repair an HP 8648C Synthesized Signal Generator from a dumpster dive. The cause of failure is investigated and traced. Alongside the repair efforts, the internal construction and components of the synthesizer are also presented. Various component teardowns are shown and described including the structure of the VCO used in the generator assembly. The functionality of the repaired unit is verified using an Agilent Power Meter and Rigol Spectrum Analyzer. Finally, the overall unit block diagram is presented and the principle of operation is described in detail.


Teardown and Operation of an Advantest TQ8325 Wavelength Meter


In this episode Shahriar presents the teardown of an Advantest TQ8325 Wavelength Meter. The principle operation of the instrument is explained along with a close up of the free space optics in operation. To verify the functionality of the unit, an infrared laser module is used as a CW coherent source. The impact of the laser diode’s temperature variation on the output wavelength is measured using the wavelength meter.

I’d like to Acknowledge Dr. Jeffery Lee for his consult and expertise on free space optics and fiber optic measurement systems.