Quest for mm-Wave Capability: Teardown, Analysis & Experiments on Generation & Detection

In this episode Shahriar demonstrates the effort for collecting affordable components and instruments in the past year to be able to generate mm-wave frequencies in the lab. The main goal is to generate synthesized CW signals beyond 26.5GHz and to be able to analyze them on the Keysight MXA Spectrum Analyzer.

Several instruments and components are which include the HP 83752B Synthesized Sweeper, HP 83556A mm-Wave Source Modules between 26.5-40GHz and 40-60GHz using doubler and trippler architectures, HP 8349B 2.0-20GHz amplifier, HP 11970 series harmonic mixers and OML DPL313B diplexer. Combining all these instruments along with various waveguide to coax converters mm-wave generation and detection is successfully demonstrated.

Finally, a full teardown of the mm-wave source module is presented which includes the preamplifier as well the waveguide module with very interesting design architecture.


  1. Mazen says:

    Very impressive product and as usual awesome presentation, thank you.

  2. Mark says:

    Thanks Shariar, great episode as always, I’ve been looking into ways of measuring 60+ GHz but it is a technically very steep wall.

    Since a year there are relatively cheap wideband (about 2 GHz wide), wireless HDMI 60 GHz transmitters from TPCast (VR addition to HTC Vive/Oculus Rift) integrating Lattice/SiBeam transmitter/receiver modules with built-in fingernail-sized phased array antenna’s, outputing up to 34 mW according to the published FCC tests. This is just slightly above 60 GHz, in the ISM band, and works indoor up to a few meters.

    What would be needed to capture (part of) such beam, and detect out what MCS (modulation form and rate) are used these modules ?
    There are also mikrotik ethernet modules on sale re-using the same ISM band centerfrequencies, but should have a different modulation and datarates.

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