Deepace KC901V 6.8GHz Handheld Network Analyzer Review, Teardown & Experiments

In this episode Shahriar reviews the Deepace KC901V 6.8GHz handheld network analyzer. This battery-powered instrument is an RF multi-instrument integrating VNA, spectrum analyzer, field strength meter, and a low-frequency signal generator. It can also perform signal port vector measurement and 2-ports simple vector network analyzing (S11, S21). The review is organized as follows:

01:24 – Instrument overview & block diagram.
05:36 – Full teardown along with RF and digital board analysis.
14:30 – Power on, calibration and S11 measurement of an antenna.
23:46 – Calibration for S21 and measurement of a tunable filter plus phase shifter.
32:23 – Distance to fault measurement of an SMA cable chain.
36:24 – Spectrum analyzer measurements and limitations.
43:16 – Signal generator measurements and issues.
48:20 – Other features and concluding remarks.
50:07 – Giveaway!


  1. Rain says:

    Dear sir, I have a KC901v I buy it for tune duplexer, I always follow the usual menu but duplixer does not work.I try again and again is not success.So I wanted you show me how to tune duplexer with KC901v ?

  2. Dave says:

    Excellent video- thank you for all that hard work and very informative information.

    My unit has not yet arrived but after seeing this, I can hardly wait and have a very good idea of what to expect.

    You did an excellent job and all those hours of work are much appreciated.

    Best Regards,

  3. Franz Zinn says:

    In the video you mention that this is not a “full” 2-port vector network analyzer but do not qualify that beyond pointing out that it does not have sufficient mixers. I am curious to know what is the missing measurement functionality that one would normally expect in a 2-port VNA ?

  4. Kenyon Crabtree says:

    Very nice demonstration of a capable instrument.

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