The Signal Path Giveaway & Q/A Request (March 2017)

In this short episode Shahriar shows a few items to give away! Please leave a comment and a person at random will be chosen. There will also be a Q/A session sometime in the future, please also leave your questions in the comment section.

The winners of the draw will be notified at a later date.


  1. Max Pound says:

    Hello Shahriar, that’s really the great content! Thank you for this valuable experience.

  2. Mario says:

    Hey Shariar,
    Thanks for being so active in the electronics community, it really is something that is appreciated. Like was previously stated, it would be nice if you would share with us where it is that you get all the broken equipment since sometimes it is fun to bring these tools back to life. Thank you!

  3. Mike says:

    Hi Shariar,
    Great Channel! Great Content.
    Can you let me know where you get the broken equipment to repair?
    Is it from auction sites, dumpster dive, govt surplus, etc.
    Although it would be nice to have one of your give aways, I would much rather get a broken
    spectrum, network, rf power analyzer to repair myself.

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