Teardown & Repair of a BK Precision 879B Handheld LCR Meter

In this short episode Shahriar repairs a more affordable instrument! This BK Precision LCR meter does not power up despite looking almost new. The teardown of the unit reveals several damaged components. Without any schematic and obscure part numbers some circuit configurations have to be reverse engineered. One of the main failed components is a TI DC-DC converter IC whose datahseet is examined during the repair.

The damaged components are replaced and the unit powers on normally. The performance of the instrument is verified using a HP LCR meter. The demonstrated Soldering Iron Stand can be found here.


  1. John Holmes says:

    Narcissistic review.

    You explained nothing in detail other than your new toy purchase from Bangood.You are very condescending.
    That BK Precision meter retails for approx 350-450$ Not a cheap or inexpensive purchase unless your willed a small fortune as you know.

  2. Tom Mason says:

    On the video you say that you would reveal the device types.

    My guess, a couple of FETs as per Texas App note slyt096

  3. someone says:

    Hi, greetings from Chile!

    I’ve been watching all of your videos and I thought if you could possibly try to repair and analyze some vintage equipment, specially tube based.

    thank you for all your effort at making those videos, they are fantastic.

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