The Future of The Signal Path, Patreon & Q/A

Since the creation of The Signal Path video blog in May of 2011 I have focused on producing the type content which is either difficult to find or difficult to learn. Despite being the foundation of human communication, RF and microwave electronics often seem like magic and my goal has been to demystify these concepts. The Signal Path blog provides a rich depth and breadth of electrical engineering topics and experiments. Equipment reviews and repairs are always accompanied with research and industry relevant experiments and tutorials. The aim of The Signal Path is to provide free education to everyone across the world, possibly the greatest gift from a human to another.

Any support you offer to The Signal Path will be put back into lab maintenance, improving the quality and frequency of video production and acquiring components to further diversify content production. As of August 2016, The Signal Path has produced over 66 hour of original material.

On behalf of all viewers from around the world I want to thank you for supporting The Signal Path.

Shahriar Shahramian, Ph.D. Owner & Host
The Signal Path


  1. Bill Watt says:

    There are always so many cheap Anritsu MG367x signal generators on eBay. I would love you to show us how we can re-purpose one for its high quality CW range, flexible output control and maybe even some of its digital modulation capabilities as a general purpose tool. Thank you very much for your excellent and well crafted educational videos.

  2. Ted says:

    This is the second time that I know of where you state that you are still going to submit more video reviews, repair, etc. topics for us. But, as before there is again several months of no activity on this from you. Why do you bother with these fairy-tail stories, when obviously your not serious? Don’t get me wrong I do look forward to your videos, it just that you don’t follow through.

    I often (daily) check for a new offering from you, and as usual I’m disappointed that there is nothing here. Ok, you are making a fool out of me and others without any regrets! Why are you continuously teasing us?

  3. RadioMod says:

    Just found TSP and working on viewing all of your videos. I would love to hear a presentation on the Square Law region
    of the doide and how one would model this for use in a radiometer application.

  4. Yair Amran says:

    Hello can you share or send the component schematic diagram of the E4407 S.A

  5. John Puma says:

    Do you have a PayPal account to which one can a donation.

    I’d like to donate but Patreon requires yet another registration, user name & password of which I already have more than enough.

    If so, send the info to my email address.

    Thanks for the work you put into the excellent web site/videos.

  6. ThunderVoice says:

    I big fan of your channel (and an engineer myself), and one of the things I recently got interested in is the noise in electronic circuits. It would be great, if you eventually could make a video about different types of noise, how to fight it, how the temperature influences it, etc.


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