Siglent SDM3055A 5.5-Digit Multimeter Review, Teardown & Experiments

In this episode Shahriar reviews the Siglent SDM3055A 5.5-Digit Multimeter. After a brief look at the instrument’s datasheet, a full teardown is presented. The instrument utilizes a two-board design and a large LCD screen. The SDM3055A provides a comprehensive set of measurements including capacitance as well as various graphing capabilities including histogram, trend and bar graphs. USB and LAN connections are standard and a USB-GPIB can also be purchased. The performance of the instrument is verified through experiments with various functions and setups.


  1. James Fry says:

    Hi Shahriar,
    I really appreciated this review. I am glad to see that the Chinese manufacturers are really starting to provide rather good products in these lower end price ranges. However I think that you made a pretty glaring omission in your review, and that is comparing it more directly to Rigols 5.5/6.5 digit bench meters. I know you did a review specifically of the rigol one you have (cant remember if it was 5.5 or 6.5 digits) but it would be really great to hear your thoughts on this unit vs the comparable Rigol one.

    Anyways, thanks again for spending the time to do these great videos.

    • Macbeth says:

      I think I can answer this, as the owner of a 5.5 digit Rigol DM3058E. Shariar did an excellent review of the 6.5 digit DM3068 previously.

      Quite frankly I am disgusted with this Siglent. It is clear to see in the video, Shariar was being more than diplomatic about its failings. A huge problem is not being able to do V & I measurements at the same time (relays switching and power drops!!!). Thankfully with the DM3058E there is none of this, you can read volts & amps concurrently, no relay flicking. You do get relay switching between auto-ranges of course.

      The absurd amount of space wasted on the display in dual mode is laughable… The Rigol has a smaller monochrome display, but with the backlit buttons and the 2nd function display being much more visible than the Siglent I would say actually easier to read.

      The sampling rate appears to be slower than a $3 Harbour Freight special.

      I am not knocking Siglent, as a pleased owner of a Siglent SDG1025 function generator, but I am so glad I did not get their DMM.

      Having said all that, I recently got a used Keithley 2015 6.5 digit for ~ $350. Wow! It is a thing of beauty. It does have a “slow” mode – haha… It is far faster than this Siglents fast mode. As for the actual Keithley fast mode – I think that is 1000 samples per second!!!! It blows the Rigol out the water too.

      I would say Keithley 2000/2015 > Agilent 34401A > DM3068 > DM3058(E) > SDM3055A > VC8145

      • Muhehe says:

        “I would say Keithley 2000/2015 > Agilent 34401A > DM3068 > DM3058(E) > SDM3055A > VC8145”
        Your right,
        but what to take for home work?
        3055 should be enough for years.
        Worst what I see is to take a look at bench at some display
        instead of nearest place with standart battery multimeter.


  2. noname says:

    Could you please post close-up high resolution pictures of the 2 PCBs? I’m interested in their tight packing of components and where I see isolators.
    Thanks, great walkthrus.

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