Teardown and Repair of an Agilent E3620A Dual Power Supply Plus IC Decapping Tutorial

In this episode Shahriar completes the repair of the Agilent E3642A power supply with the missing display processor. Thanks to Gerry Sweeney a replacement IC is found and the unit is back to life! Furthermore, the teardown and repair of an Agilent E3620A dual power supply is also shown. The power supply has suffered some liquid damage on several ICs which must be replaced. The PCB has also sustained some damages and has to be repaired. After the rapier, the functionality of the unit is verified.

In order to examine the damage to the ICs from the Agilent E3642A repair, a de-capping process using nitric acid is shown. The VFD controller and two processor with different mask ROM sets are de-capped using this method. The heated nitric acid dissolves the package epoxy revealing the Silicon dies. The dies are then examined under the microscope for comparison and analysis.

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  1. tchicago says:

    This liquid in the second power supply could have come from one of those two large capacitors next to the damaged area. In fact, the dirt is visible underneath one of capacitors. I’d take it out and check for that. Also top of power supply is completely clean which means that the source of the liquid could have been internal.

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