Keithley 2460 Source Measure Unit (SMU) Review, Teardown and Experiments

In this episode Shahriar reviews the new Keithley 2460 Source Measure Unit (SMU). The Keithley 2460 shares all the touchscreen GUI advancements of the 2450 SMU and offers up to 100W of power in full four-quadrant operation. The combination of the 2450 and 2460 SMUs from Keithley offer a wide range of applications.

After a brief teardown of the instrument, several experiments are devised to demonstrate the TSP scripting as well as KickStart software capabilities. The experiments include LED failure modes, Geiger counter setup, Op-amp based voltage regulator characterization, temperature controller, non-linear transconductance emulation and data collection application.


  1. Peter Tutuska says:

    You are amazing! Thank you for the videos. I will probably buy a 2460 based on your demonstrations. For device characterizations it seems I will need a minimum of 2 SMUs. Would be nice if Keithley produced a dual channel unit? Two of these is upwards of $14,000!

  2. cjm says:

    Great review of features and also some really interesting experiments! I enjoyed this video very much.

  3. tasweet says:

    as always great video. thank you so much.

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