Review and Teardown of the Analog Arts SL987 USB Oscilloscope AWG Pattern Generator and Logic Analyzer

In this episode Shahriar takes a close look at the Analog Arts USB based mixed-domain instrument. The SL987 offers an oscilloscope, arbitrary waveform generator, FFT-based spectrum analyzer, pattern generator and logic analyzer in a compact form factor.

The teardown of the unit is presented along with the datasheet of every major component on the PCB. Some design limitations and concerns are presented along with basic performance verifications.


  1. Marco TĂșlio says:

    I purchased an Analog Arts USB oscilloscope, model SL937, for my classroom. I have found the performance of the product to be the state of the art and extremely flexible. I highly recommend it to my colleagues with similar requirements. I was especially impressed with the friendly and professional team at Analog Arts.

  2. Tsi Ting says:

    I am surprised by this review. I stumbled across it months after purchasing a SF830 from Analog Arts, and I have to say it has exceeded all my expectations. I suspect Shahrair didn’t understand what he was receiving, maybe a prototype system? The insides of mine don’t look anywhere near as dodgy.

  3. David Talmage says:

    Only comment on review is that you made a mistake in not grounding channel 2 while looking for cross talk between channel 1 and 2. Any open input will pick up near by frequency. Thanks for the review.

    • Shahriar says:

      You should not ground the other channel, that is not how the other channel is used in real life. The channel impedance is 1M-Ohm and when you are probing something high-impedance is when cross-talk is the biggest issue. By leaving the other channel open you see the true cross-talk.

  4. evryway says:

    Why on earth did you review a BADLY bodged board, with SSOOOOO many problems? There is NO way on earth I wold purchase this product. How can I trust what I purchase is going to be any better. If this is the way you review, one must ask if you have a vested interest?


    • Shahriar says:

      Did you even watch the video? I pointed out exactly what was wrong with the unit. There is a big difference between an objective polite review and typing in capitalized letters on the internet. By the way, how did you find out that this unit would not meet your needs? How did you figure out that the build quality was not good or that its specifications were misleading? Did you not see that on my review? So why exactly are bashing on your keyboard?

    • eric says:

      exactly what made this a bad review? the guy is being as objective as possible! It’s one thing to like or dislike the product but don’t be a jerk to Shahriar because he was truthful. If you think you can do so much better then do it! I’d like to see an internet troll like yourself have the balls to put yourself out there like that. I doubt you’d like it if someone said something you did was so “bad” after you put time and effort into publishing a video. Grow up, Evryway and learn some respect.

    • Jack T. says:

      Yeah I’m guessing that either he got an early prototype and mistook it for a final product or they shipped him the wrong unit.

  5. Keith Moore says:

    Has there been an update to this initial review? Also, can anyone recommend a quality USB Scope with AWG capabilities? I know there are a bunch out there. But are anything of them worth the money?

  6. JBeale says:

    By the way, if you want to know how much current a USB device draws (maybe too much for your tablet / laptop?) there are some simple USB power meters you can get. I tried out a “YZX Studio USB3.0 Power Monitor” which has 0.1 mA resolution, and the accuracy was better than expected for an ebay device.

  7. JBeale says:

    Very informative and interesting review, thank you for putting this up. Doesn’t look like an instrument you can rely on, in its present form, and like you I’m surprised they sent you such an early prototype.

  8. James Lacy Kamuf says:

    You were very kind to the manufacturer of this prodcut – which is a good thing; I keep thinking what David L. Jones would have said about this manufacturer! However, Dave would have a point, in that these guys seems to be intentionally miss leading buyers about this product’s abilities, which is a shame because it is an interesting product, on it’s “actual” abilities!

    Thanks Very Much for the vidoe!

    James Lacy Kamuf

    • evryway says:

      I agree!! I’m looking for such a tool at the moment, and this reviewers kind and favorable style is as misleading as the makers of that product. He should realize he pins his reputation on this review, and in my opinion this product is a piece of smelly TURD.

  9. Sergi says:

    You are waay too nice with this review. As you said it has a lot of promisse, just that board… OMG!!!! And the crosstalk on the oscilloscope… BTW, 200MHZ on that connector?Keep the work! How can they send a review unit like this? This actually tells you a lot about them IMOO… Good review though!

  10. Ivan Veloz says:

    Shahriar, please try to get the manufacturer to send you a correct board. I am really interested to see if the problems the device had were because of the bodged board. If it is just as bad, then there’s no point in buying it, really :/ One more thing: the 1GHz and 500MHz units are kind of useless due to aliasing, at least with the firmware as is, don’t you think? (with a proper firmware, you could do time subsampling the proper way, as you described) I was surprised you didn’t point that out in the video.

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